Weekend Cleanup: Revive Your Fitness Gear

Put next Saturday to good, healthy use: Dust off your road bike, yoga mats, running shoes, and other workout gear (how about that treadmill that's become a hanger for clothes?) and get them into good working order.

Weekend Cleanup: Revive Your Fitness Gear

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Clean your kicks.

Fitness shoes caked in old mud? First, brush away any loose dirt with a chore brush. Next, check labels. If they’re machine washable, follow the care directions and toss them into the washer with your favorite detergent, and add a stain remover the washing machine as well. This color-safe cleaning booster will go the extra mile to help those sneakers sparkle.

Weekend Cleanup: Revive Your Fitness Gear

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Get your bike looking new.

Wipe off your bike chain and drive chain with a towel and then spritz them with a degreaser, using a fine brush to go in between the links. Now clean the bike with a sponge that’s been soaked and wrung to lightly damp, using a stain remover and warm water (follow directions on the label). Wipe the surfaces, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.

Weekend Cleanup: Revive Your Fitness Gear

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Revitalize your fitness machines and gear.

Even if it’s caked in cobwebs, you can get it sparkling again in no time. Use a vacuum (and its handy attachments) to clear dirt, dust, and webs. Then dust the exposed surfaces. For dirt that’s tougher than dust, wet a clean rag in a solution of a stain remover and water, wring it, and wipe up the spots. Use a fresh rag to dry things off. Do the same to spot-clean yoga mats, blocks and straps, exercise balls, or neoprene-covered weights.

Weekend Cleanup: Revive Your Fitness Gear

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Rejuvenate your sportswear.

Stinky sports outfits can get a second life with the right detergent. Wash with a detergent formulated for knocking stains and smells from sports apparel. If your sportswear has lost its functionality, that’s another story. Say goodbye to stretched-out bras and fitness tights, or anything that’s pilled or hole-y. You may find that replacing the old with new jump-starts your workout mojo. Next weekend’s task: a new training routine!