Stories in Laundry

Comfort Clothes, Dressed Up!

Who says sweats and sneakers are just for teenagers? To give comfy attire the grown-up stylishness seen on this season's runways, follow our five simple tips.

Take That, Sweat

Easy advice for ridding your garments of pesky underarm stains.

Mystery Stains? Presoaking Can Help

Find out how a bucket, water, and the right detergent can brighten dingy clothes.

Time to Turn In

Use these tips to fall asleep peacefully—no counting sheep needed.

5 Ways to Keep Clothes Looking Great—Wherever You Go

Travel can be great for your psyche,but extremely tough on your clothes. Whether you’re heading off to a rural retreat or an urban jungle, follow our packing and clothing care tips for a vacation that'll let you unwind rather than unravel.

4 Fashion Must Haves—and How to Care for Them

A top New York City fashion stylist shares insider tips on how to safely clean tricky wardrobe items like metallic sweaters, leather, and coated denim.